IT development

Memento guys are lazy of spending endless hours coding and debugging the software projects. That’s the reason why we creating functional and visually appealing applications without the hassle of programming.

bubble no code – it’s our choice

The "bubble no code" movement is gaining traction as more and more people realize the benefits of not having to write code. With no code, we can quickly and easily create prototypes, mockups, and even production-ready applications to save amount and time.

Interfaces, and API's
An API is an interface that allows two pieces of software to communicate with each other. It is a set of rules that dictate how data should be exchanged between the two applications. APIs are used to create web-based services and they allow developers to access data and functionality from other applications.

No code platforms provide a visual interface for creating and managing APIs. This means that you can connect different software applications without having to write any code. No code platforms make it easy to create, test, and deploy APIs. They also provide features for documenting and sharing your APIs with others.

No code platforms offer many benefits for developers who want to create web-based services. They make it possible to quickly create and deploy APIs without having to write any code. No code platforms also provide tools for managing and documenting your APIs.
Our company APIs designed interconnect to various business application – accepting credit card, connecting with invoicing, and appointment systems etc.

No code platforms offer a high degree of customisation, allowing you to tailor the platform to your specific needs and requirements. This can be a major advantage over traditional software development approaches, which can be more inflexible and require significant time and resource investment.
Our IT team builds unique, NO-Code applications to fit your business needs, including appointment systems, CRM based customer support services, or Omnichannel solutions.

We currently provide

  • Accounting and billing solutions
  • Ledger services – depends on countries
  • Reconsiliation services for EU and Hong Kong jurisdiction companies
  • SMS and messaging automation (two way SMS, WhatsApp CRM
  • integration)
  • Multiple interfaces between company ERP, CRM, or E-commerce
  • Integration with Stripe 

We are working on project or hourly based include project planning, consultation, development and testing.

If you have any unique or just simple project please contact us...