Franchising is an attractive option for many entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to expand their operations. It involves a partnership between two businesses in which the franchisor provides the franchisee with the right to use its trademarks, marketing materials, proprietary products, and services in exchange for a fee based on established percentages of sales or profits. With franchising, business owners can grow their enterprises more quickly and cost-effectively than with other methods.

Franchising also enables business owners to benefit from economies of scale while avoiding the risks associated with establishing multiple standalone businesses. Memento Investments have exclusive options to provide the franchising of „The Peach Body” trademark with own value added services. We are able to provide country and/or studio franchises.

The Peach Body is the first, official booty focus lifetime program, which started in Dubai in 2021, but was officially established in Budapest Hungary. The Peachbody is more than a booty focused traning method. This program has been available via Studio and Country franchising, since 2023.

Memento Investments have the exlusive right to provide The Peachbody Franchise wrapped with Memento Investments IT and Business services including:

  • Using The Preachbody trademark
  • Professional multilangual CSaaS service for Peachgirls and Saloons
  • Daily updated training method
  • Exclusive rights to resell the Peach Body goods
  • Diversificated meal plan for Peach Members
  • Booking and business management system
  • Training for Peach Trainers
  • The Peach Body Mobile app (soon)

and so on...

If you want to check how is Peach Body works


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